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Tecomate West Ranch – FM 649 , San Isidro, TX 78536 – Starr County

Tecomate West Ranch
Tecomate West Ranch – FM 649 , San Isidro, TX 78536 – Starr County
$2,029,635 | 510.6 acres
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Description: The Tecomate West Ranch lies within the “South Texas Brush Country”. This specific area is characterized by ranchland consisting mostly native vegetation. Native vegetation consists of a moderate to dense growth of small trees, shrubs, weeds, short grasses, and coarse bunch grasses common to sub-humid and semi-arid regions of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. The predominant woody plant is mesquite, which occurs over most of the region in widely scattered to very thick growth. Various thorny shrubs of many species and prickly pear are present throughout the region. Creek beds and tributaries are typically characterized by a heavy growth of mesquite, hackberry, elm, live oak, pecan or other trees. Weeds and forbs are present in great variety, and grow profusely where soil moisture is adequate. ln addition to cattle ranching the “brush country” is sought after for recreational hunting. This area is known to produce the largest white tail deer in the state as well as excellent hunting of blue and bob- white quail, javelinas, turkey and wild hogs with some hunting of mountain lions and bob-cats. Leases on quality hunting properties are generally in steady demand and often generate more income for landowners than does a typical cattle grazing lease.

Tecomate West Ranch is located in Northwest Starr County. The property borders FM 649, 2.5 miles North of FM 2686. The ranch is bordered on the east by The Tecomate 457 Ranch, to the north by the Guerra Ranch and the west by Highway 649. This is an agricultural area which is highly regarded for its excellent productivity, long growing season and quality whitetail deer hunting.

Water: Water for livestock and wildlife is provided by 4 earthen water ponds varying in size from .25 to .5 acres as well as city water provided by a two-inch water meter from El Sauz Water Supply. A freshwater well is located near the house site and is used to fill the various wildlife waterers and ponds on the ranch.

Improvements: Over the past 11 years, various improvements have been added including deer fencing, a 34+ acre Lablab summer food plot with dividing center fence, water lines to multiple ground-level wildlife watering dishes, roads, new 2000-square foot house/living area, Fresh water well, five ponds, with one poly lined pond at the house site, a firepit with social areas and landscaping that includes the establishment of prickly pear. A very selective deer breeding program and forage research program has been implemented and followed over the last 14 years.

Topography: The subject property consists of partially rolling terrain which ranges from caliche ridges and hill-tops at approximately 500 feet above sea level to a low elevation of approximately 450 feet in Creek-beds which feed into various creeks to the east. Primary native brush species on the ranch are Guajillo, Blackbrush, Seniza, Guayacan, Mesquite, Catclaw, Ebony, Coma, Wolfberry, Dessert Yaupon, Prickly Pear and Whitebrush. Primary native grasses include Windmillgrass, Plains bristlegrass, Texas bristlegrass, Sand dropseed, Buffalo grass, Four flower tricloris, and Pink pappusgrass. Primary legumes include: Lazy Daisy, Blackfoot Daisy, Orange Zeximenia, White Lantana, Ragweed, Purple Vetch and Winecups.

Fencing: The subject is fenced along the entire perimeter with King Ranch Deer net wire. In addition, there is a 30+ acre fenced food plot.

Utilities: The Tecomate West Ranch has electricity provided by Medina Electric Cooperative. City water is provided by El Sauz Water District via a 2-inch water meter located along highway 649.

Hunting: The Tecomate West Ranch is becoming one of the top hunting ranches of its size in Texas. Over the past 11 years, the ranch has been developed as a prime upland bird and whitetail deer hunting property. The Tecomate West Ranch shares the famous Tecomate genetics and employs many advances in raising trophy deer such as Lab-Lab foodplots, the reversible game fencing of the summer food plots. The ranch is under one of the best game managements programs in America. Dressed weights of Tecomate Bucks often exceed 200 lbs which is far in excess of typical Trophy Deer. The Tecomate West Ranch has a reported buck to doe ratio of 1.3 to 1 and a population of approximately 1 deer per 6 acres.

In addition to deer, the Tecomate West Ranch provides outstanding hunting of blue and bob-white quail, dove, javelinas and some turkey.

Call JL Pepe Guerra to see the Tecomate West Ranch at (956)- 330-5408.