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2M Ranch

Starr County


Conveniently located just 40 minutes from restaurants and shopping in Edinburg/McAllen metroplex, the historic 2M ranch provides some of the finest hunting in south Texas. Its lush pastures are teeming with quail. Income-producing State Classified Minerals. An all-weather caliche road from the front gate to the house and pipe cattle pens. This ranch is set up right with cattle guards at all of its cross-fences. No opening gates here. The 2M Ranch is covered in fertile sandy loam soils, as evidenced by all the farmland in its vicinity. The land has been cleared in strips while leaving the virgin brush in strategically landscaped areas. Although there is some well-hidden production on the property, the all-weather caliche roads throughout the property make for easy cruising of the ranch. There’s an all-weather oil field road from the southwest corner along the south side of the property, making this property easily dividable. Improvements and Water on the property include a Spanish-style two-bedroom, one-bath ranch house with an outdoor grilling area. A worker’s quarters. Two apartments. A 30′ by 60′ barn with a concrete slab floor. Two cattle-working pens with five large cisterns for water storage and distribution to several water troughs spread throughout the ranch. There are four water wells on the property, each with a 20,000 or 30,000-gallon cistern making this ranch extremely well watered. The entire property is high-fenced with miles of well-maintained cross fences. Wildlife on the property includes Whitetail deer, javelina, turkey, dove, quail, and varmints such as coyotes, bobcats, and raccoons. Minerals: There are 640 acres of State Classified Minerals.

$ 5,498,810 | 1906 Acres acres