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3C Ranch

Terrell County


The 3C Ranch is comprised of 12 contiguous sections of land located in the Western Edward Plateau between Dryden and Sheffield. The ranch has been owned and operated by the same family for over 40 years, and has gradually transitioned from a sheep and goat operation to an excellent hunting ranch, not having been grazed in over 10 years. With a diverse terrain, the 3C has much to offer including deep canyons, high cliffs, rolling hills, and flat grass prairies. Big canyon dissects the Northern portion of the ranch for over 3.5 miles creating a wall of shear limestone cliffs and over 200 feet of elevation change at points. A series of water troughs dissect the ranches four large pastures and traps, and are fed by two wells and two large cisterns. The availability of water, diverse brouse, and proper management allow the ranch to carry large numbers of game animals.

Location: The ranch is located in central Terrell County 16 miles of Dryden, and 43 miles south of Sheffield. The property is easily accessed by paved FM 349, then 2 miles down Stanley Road.

Habitat & Terrain: Although diverse, the habitat on the 3C is very typical to this region. All endogenous grasses and brouse can be found on the ranch including, but not limited to Lechuguilla, Juniper, Spanish Dagger, Mesquite, and Guayacan. The grasses have flourished over recent years with above average rainfall, and no pressure from livestock. The topographical relief ranges from 1,940 to 2,200. The majority of the ranch is gently rolling, but is dissected by a multitude of deep draws.

Wildlife: All species of native game can be found on the ranch including mule deer, whitetail, javelin, bobwhite, and blue quail. There are large numbers of deer on this property.

Water: There are two water wells on the property that service a series of water troughs across the ranch. Large storage cisterns are located at each well. The troughs are all supplied by underground pipe. There is a header damn located in the west pasture which will hold water throughout the year on most average rainfall years.

$ 2,572,800 | 7680 acres