730 Acres on Seminole Ranch

Kinney County


The Seminole Ranch is a high fenced property in far southern Kinney County, less than 5 miles from the Maverick County line. The ranch has miles of water infrastructure, a well-maintained road system and a diversified game population. Over the past years, clearing and other brush work has been a priority, and provided open space for both game and livestock. The property is also traversed by a pipeline right of way for 8,000+ feet which has resulted in significant payments to previous owners.

WATER: The Seminole is very well watered for this region. Not only is a City of Spofford Water Meter available for potable water, an additional water line extends for over a mile across the ranch, serving a series of water troughs scattered across the property. Earthen ponds are also located on the ranch, the largest of which measures close to 10 acres when full.

WILDLIFE: The Whitetail herd had been managed over the years with outside genetics introduced at different times. Multiple breeder bucks, some scoring over 200” B.C., have been released in recent years. Aside from Whitetail, Axis, Scimitar Horned Oryx and all native species of game can be found.

VEGETATION: The vegetation on the property is typical of South Texas including, Guajillo, Blackbrush, Guayacan, and other browses. Many parts of the ranch have been cleared at different times in order to create a diverse habitat for wildlife.

$ 1,861,500 | 730 acres