La Escondida

Encino, TX 78353 - Brooks County


Description: In the center of Brooks County, just north of Encino, Tx, is the 1,338-acre, fully high-fenced La Escondida Ranch. Located in the highly sought-after oak belt with large neighboring ranches, La Escondida Ranch finds itself in the heart of the South Texas Sand Sheet. A standout, well-developed property such as this is a rare find, but the State Classified Minerals on the La Escondida make this remarkable ranch one-of-a-kind. 

Improvements: A well-maintained cabin in the southeastern part of the ranch boasts neatly manicured landscaping, with the expansive area surrounding it cleared with the utmost care. The ranch is entirely high-fenced with a well-built road system throughout.

Water: Two water wells feeding a series of six concrete water troughs, six small, natural ponds, and the main cabin accompanied by three earthen tanks provide La Escondida with abundant water, creating optimal wildlife habitation. 

Wildlife & Habitat: La Escondida exemplifies the benefits of progressive wildlife management, providing harvestings of multiple Whitetail trophy deer in recent years, with the current, thriving heard highlighting the vigorous constitution of the land. A prosperous fauna of Addax, Wildebeest, Oryx, Blackbuck, Axis, Turkey, and Hogs adds to the land’s wild aesthetic element. 

$ | 1338 acres