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La Pachanga

Medina County


The Pachanga Ranch is a rare find only 45 minutes from downtown San Antonio. It is a property composed of rolling hills, South Texas brush, and large oak trees with a significant amount of topographical relief. The secluded ranch is completely high-fenced and accessed by a well-maintained county road. The whitetail herd and water system are also highlights of the property.

Water: There are two water wells on the property, one electric and one solar. Both wells are equipped and capable of pumping 15 gallons and 30 gallons respectively. The electric well provides water via a buried polyline to an earthen tank, while the solar well fills 9 large concrete cisterns and a series of water troughs. There are also two ponds on the ranch. Both catch a significant amount of run-off water, while one can also be maintained by the electric well.

Wildlife: The whitetail genetics of the ranch are second to none with the core of the herd stemming from deer scoring over 200 BC. Multiple bred does were released on the ranch this year along with 2 young bucks. A continued managements plan will ensure magnificent deer for years to come. The property is also home to a strong quail population and abundant numbers of turkeys.

Vegetation & Terrain: For the most part of the property, it is gently rolling with elevation changes from 790ft to 900ft across the ranch. Both large bull mesquite trees and live oaks can be found along with draws or in the flatter, more open bottoms. Typical South Texas browse including Guajillo, Black Brush, and Persimmon are abundant. A great combination of large oak trees, deep draws, open bottoms, and thick brush make this a very unique ranch.

Taxes: $ 809.94

$ 2,290,750 | 490 acres