San Tomas

Brooks County


The San Tomas is the perfect blend of improved grass, manicured pastures, and exceptional native beauty. Located less than 8 miles West of US Hwy 281 in southern Brooks County, the ranch is a short 45-minute drive from Edinburg, TX. A highly improved property in a very desirable area, the San Tomas is a rare find.

Improvements: The San Tomas is a highly improved ranch with excellent infrastructure. A large, recently built barndominium sits in the center of the property overlooking a large 6-acre lake. The San Tomas is cross-fenced into seven pastures with a central set of new steel WW cattle pens. The perimeter is entirely high-fenced with galvanized materials—the improved pastures, planted in Wilman lovegrass and heat-resistant, longer growing season, ryegrass. A well-maintained and improved road system dissects the property, allowing easy access to the ranch’s two entrances.

Water: One of the highlights of this property is the number of developed water infrastructures. There are three water wells on the property, the most significant being eight-inch irrigation well capable of flowing 300 gallons per minute that feed a three-acre lake at the center of the ranch. A windmill and a third well on a submersible pump are tied into 14,000 feet of 2″ water lines connecting eight concrete water troughs to the property.

Wildlife & Habitat: On the property are a well-Maintained whitetail herd, axis deer, and all other native species of game. A significantly improved habitat enhances the quail population and other wildlife. The San Tomas is home to exceptional native browse and brush, including coma, kidney wood, granjeno, ebony, brasil, guayacan, and wild olive.

Location: The property is accessed from FM 755, roughly 7.5 miles West of US Hwy 281 and Rachal, TX.

Price: $3600 per acre

$ 1,303,200 | 362 acres