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Santa Teresa Ranch

Duval County


The historic Santa Teresa Ranch is a very picturesque property with rolling terrain that is about 50% Sandy loam soil and 50% Caliche hilltops. Owned by the same family for over 100 years, this is an opportunity to purchase a great hunting ranch with easy access off a county road in the heart of big deer country.

Location: This ranch is located a few miles south of Hwy 44 between Freer and San Diego on County Road 321 by the ranching community of La Rosita.

Wildlife: This ranch has great hunting for deer, dove, quail, turkey, hogs, and varmints.

Improvements: There is an approximately 1200 sq. ft. Wood framed cabin on pier n beams on the ranch. Two water wells. One well by the house has an electric submersible pump and the one at the cattle pens had a submersible pump run by solar panels but has been pulled. There are two small earthen stock tanks.
The main body of the ranch is high fenced on three sides and the pan handle portion (which consists of about 166 acres) is low fenced on 3 sides. There’s electricity on the south and west side of the property along the county road.

Topography / Habitat: The topography on this property is gently rolling with over 110’ difference in elevation from the Caliche hilltops to the primarily sandy loam soil that is on the lower elevation. The ranch is about 50% big, native trees and native brush, with the remaining land in a very diverse browse plants. The brush includes large mesquite trees, granjeno, anaqua, kidney wood, lime prickly ash, blackbrush, guayacan, guajillo, and other native brush plant species.

For directions and more information about the Santa Teresa Ranch, Call agent JL Pepe Guerra (956)-330-5408.

$ 2,093,423 | 721.87 acres