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Venado Ranch



The Venado Ranch is a 107-acre high fence ranch located near Stowers Corner Windmill.

Improvements: The ranch boasts a main cabin, a secondary bar area, an extensive road system and a shared swimming tank. The main cabin has two bedrooms and one bathroom with a very clean interior. The secondary bar area consists of a small workshop, storage area and game-room; as well as, covered parking for all vehicles. The ranch has a little under 3,000ft of buried 1.5 inch poly pipe running from a 1,500-gallon storage tank to strategically placed water troughs throughout the property. Two blinds are in place, along with four corn feeders and two protein feeders. The current owners cleared unwanted cedar and installed a caliche road system connecting the various sections of the ranch, giving full access to all parts of the property.

Wildlife & Topography:  The shared swimming tank has been resealed with a brand new deck added. Wildlife on the ranch includes whitetail and axis, with some breeder bucks in previous years. The gently rolling terrain, large oaks scattered throughout the property, and South Texas brush varieties, are ideal for wildlife.

$ 925,000 | 107 acres