Vista Grande Ranch

Edwards County


Vista Grande Ranch is a 100-acre high-fenced property that sits as the first lot within the greater 2,300-acre Box Canyon Ranch itself. Located in far western Edwards County in the heart of the Edwards Plateau, 43 miles southwest of Rocksprings and 3.5 miles north of Carta Valley, this beautiful hunting and recreational property is best characterized by its views, scenery, and amenities. There are two campsites on Vista Grande Ranch, one at the south end of the property and one in the northwest corner at the top of a hill. There are travel trailers and electricity available at each campsite. The travel trailer at the northwest corner is in good condition, while the one on the south end is in need of repair and is currently used for storage. The campsite in the northwest corner is the highlight of the property with unbelievable views of the surrounding area. The agricultural exemption on the property is maintained through a grazing lease which is currently in place with a tenant.

WATER: There is one water well located on the south end of the ranch. Per the owners, the depth is around 260’ deep. Average annual rainfall for this area is 22” +/-.

ELECTRICITY: There are two campsites on the property with electricity at each.

WILDLIFE: 10 head of Axis Deer will be conveyed by the owners with the sale of the property. There is currently no wildlife on the property.

VEGETATION HABITAT and SOIL: The vegetation consists of various grasses such as little Bluestem, Buffalograss, Sideoats Grama, and Sand Lovegrass being the main types. Scrub Oak, Persimmon, Cedar and some Mesquite trees cover the property with a variety of other brush species mixed in, providing excellent habitat for your wildlife.

TOPOGRAPHY and TERRAIN: Shallow, rocky soils cover the majority of the ranch. The property gradually climbs 260ft in elevation from the lowest point, close to the entrance at 1,860ft all the way up to the highest point at 2,120ft in the northwest corner where one of the campsites is located.

IMPROVEMENTS: At each campsite, there is an RV – one in good condition with another being used for storage. There is a storage shed as well. These, along with all other deer blinds, feeders, items/equipment, and everything else, will be conveyed with the sale as the property is turnkey. The property is also cross fenced.


  • Owner Financing Available
  • High-Fenced
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Fantastic Views
  • Ag-Exempt
  • Everything on the property will be conveyed with the sale.
  • 10 Head of Axis Deer to be conveyed.
  • Very secluded, accessed via easement road.

Contact Jon Cluck, Jr. at (210) 842-2935 for more information.

$ 325,000 | 100 acres