West Prong Ranch

Kinney County


Situated in Kinney County, northwest of Brackettville, is the West Prong Ranch. At 2,000 acres, the West Prong Ranch is a low fence ranch with ample amounts of wildlife. Paved road frontage and proximity to city amenities make this low fenced ranch a perfect getaway.

Improvements: The West Prong Ranch is set up for you to make the improvements you see fit.

Wildlife: Apart from all native species of game, large herds of axis and aoudad have flourished. Multiple other exotics have been spotted in the ranch from time to time.

Water: Aside from having one mile of frontage along the west prong of the Nueces River, the ranch is very well watered internally.  Nueces Creek, a wet weather creek dissects the property flowing from west to east across the middle of the ranch. There are also 2 water wells scattered across the property that feed a series of troughs and storage tanks.

Vegetation: Live Oak, Cedar, Mesquite, Agarita, Cenizo, Persimmon, native Grasses, and some Native Mixed Brush.

Topography: A great combination of topography takes place on this ranch. Much of the ranch consists of fertile flat land with clusters of large oaks and other trees. The hills are covered with native browse including guajillo, blackbrush, cedar, and persimmon trees. There is dense brush lining the draws and dry creek beds.

$ 5,100,000 | 2,000 acres